about Decoratum

Who we are

We are a manufacturer of window decorations with many years of experience. We have been supplying our products to European retail chains as well as smaller local distributors for over 25 years. By adopting a personalised approach and providing adequate support, we help our business partners succeed in selling our products.

Following the current trends, we provide our clients with state of the art technical solutions combined with up-to-date colour and pattern fabric designs.

Our obsession




We have been operating in the window decoration industry since 1992 as part of an international holding company B&C International, which is one of the leading manufacturers of window decorations on the European market.



We have been operating on the market for over 25 years and the holding companies supply more than 1500 specialist stores and DIY stores in Europe.



We have been trusted by the biggest European brands such as ADEO and Kingfisher. Our products are currently delivered to the largest commercial networks of a Europe-wide range.



Our products adhere to the requirements of European markets in terms of safety as well as components used, which are compliant with the REACH directive.


Our offer is a combination of the current colour design and the latest technical solutions.

The richness of colours and designs that can be found in our collections makes every interior take on a new character.

Should it be mysterious, joyful or maybe modern? The choice is yours!

The solutions we offer are suitable for various types of windows. The collection includes blinds in the mini version, equipped with a modern mechanism for non-invasive mounting on the window frame, as well as standard blinds suitable for mounting on the wall, ceiling and in the window recess.




Roller Blinds 

Modernity, ease of mounting and use as well as a wide range of fabrics suited to any interior made it one of the most popular solutions on the window decoration market.


Roller venetian 

The fabric with the functionality of the blind, which gives control over the incoming light, is one of the latest roller blind solutions that can replace both the net curtain and the curtain.


Roman blinds 

Elegance and style defines the Roman blind in two words. The wavy arrangement of the fabric and a wide choice of the suitable models make it become a unique interior decoration.


Curtains and net curtains 

A traditional solution that is continuously one of the top window decorations. Many types of finishes and a wide range of fabrics allow to tailor the product to the individual aesthetic needs of the client.

Do it yourself.


The offer is intended for new customers. A combination of the most popular colours and a modern technological solution, which is the non-invasive mechanism for MINI blinds. A large blind model is also available.


Mini roller blinds are one of the most popular solutions, mainly used for mounting directly on the window frame. The Mini roller blind allows you to keep all the advantages of an ordinary roller blind using a non-invasive mounting solution, which ensures maximum comfort.


Free-hanging roller blind, which due to larger dimensions of the parts is mainly suitable for wall and ceiling mounting. Easy-to-install mounting brackets enable to mount the blind securely.